Word Choice Disclaimer

A Word about Words

Words are important.

I want to be clear about my choice of words. First and foremost, this is an inclusive community. Therefore, anyone who identifies with a mothering persona is welcome. “Sister Mama” is specifically and carefully chosen; it is meant to convey what is at the heart of my mission: building a community of supportive and intimate friends holding each other up through the triumphs and struggles of raising children in a non-traditional setting. I deeply appreciate that not all who identify as mothers also identify as women, and not all have physically given birth. Yet, we must also acknowledge the inherent femininity of Motherhood, remembering we all have both male and female aspects.

I welcome constructive feedback about how to make this a more inclusive space, while still respecting my own voice. This is intended to be a safe space for all who feel connected to the Divine Feminine through care giving for any children who need our love and guidance. We are a tribe of goddesses tending our gardens. May they grow in light and love.