It started with the simplest illness, normal colds, and ended with a two day hospital stay. 

We had strep (kiddo); we had a bad sinus infection (me). Then we had the grand adventure: a kidney infection. Instead of a birthday party, the kiddo got an IV and a full battery of tests. 3 rounds of  antibiotics later, we are all on the mend, but our guts are going to need a lot of healing.

The hardest part? Watching the kiddo’s disappointment of missing out on a weekend of fun and friends, while bravely facing a serious illness. While we did eventually get to enjoy cake with family, there is still a piñata sitting on the kitchen table. It’s been almost a month, but I’m still getting asked if this is the weekend we’ll get to break it open.

Spending 48 hours in the hospital with a sick child gives you plenty of time to think and assess.

Time to appreciate haves and wants, agendas and priorities. To see where you are and where you are going. To find new ways to keep positive and turn your situation for the better. I know ours was a very solvable issue, but it still has lasting impacts. My super picky eater is going to HAVE to expand her pallet, as well as experiment with different supplements to get her body doing what it’s supposed to. There are lifestyle changes we will have to make as a family so that everyone is successful, and she continues to be well. There are things that I have to change so I can be a good example to my child. First on the list: DRINK MORE WATER!

This whole experience, living the first quarter of the year with one illness after another, from minor to serious, serves to propel me forward. I cannot change the past, but I can build my future.

I can take action on all the things in my control. 

I’ve had morning off this week, a change from my normal schedule, and I’ve been able to do some significant clearing. So far it’s been physical, tangible things that were back-burnered too long. I’ve been focusing on the garage and all my “stuff”. I making boxes and bags to giveaway, finding more valuable things to sell.  As I peel away the layers of this winter, I continue to find my glow, my light. I am making space for myself and all the good I invite to my home, my family, and my community.

I will always be working with exhaustion, procrastination, and feelings of depression. Those are every day struggles. But only I have the ability to conquer them. I am the only one responsible for my positivity, my contentment, my satisfaction.

There are practical things I can do. I have taken massive action on my debt and am SO CLOSE to ZERO!

There are spiritual things I can do. I have been delving into a deeper practice of asking source for guidance.

I can even combine the two! I have a renewed interest in manifesting and am working on multiple challenges.

But most of all, I am choosing to triumph daily. 

Even the smallest win is just that. Especially in my world. Made the decision to write everyday? Congratulations on the ONE day last week I did it! Because next week, it will be two. Working on that water intake? Instead of a cherry coke, grab a cherry bubbly!! Double butt-kick: start tracking it all in a bullet journal. That’s how I’ve been motivating myself, by tracking progress and being thankful that there is any at all. That’s how momentum works. That’s how being grateful with YOURSELF will motivate you. Progress not perfection. Repeat that. Make it a mantra.

Maybe it’s super woo-woo, but gratitude and positivity go a long way for bringing good into your life. Manifesting is not just about money. Opportunities and resources are just as valuable. All of it is simply energy. As I continue to take steps away from illness and toward positive, healing energy, more opportunities and resources come my way, including money. I am grateful for all of it, even the struggles, even the things I have to say no to.

The Universe meets all needs. It gives us lessons to learn, and learn them we must, so we can move on to the next. I have learned that I must always go forward. There will always be risks, but you will know when they are worth taking. I will always be looking for the best way to take care of my family, and will always mean being positive, even through the worst experiences.

The Only Way Out Is Through.


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